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Nightwish – Dark Chest Of Wonders (Live at Wacken 2013)

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Song Of Myself (With Lyrics) 12th song from the Imaginaerum with lyrics DISCLAIMER: I do not own any part of this video. All rights go to their respective owners. Music is the property of…

38 Responses to Nightwish – Dark Chest Of Wonders (Live at Wacken 2013)

  1. ionicafardefrica says:

    this is the best copy of the video i found so far. The sound quality is a
    little better and it features a playlist. Thanks

  2. 13druid13 says:

    Finally a Nightwish singer who not only can sing but also knows how to work
    the stage and crowd. This band was built to play in front of 80,000
    screaming fans

  3. suzuki banditbiker Helmut says:
  4. raha says:

    couldn’t she be any more amazing??saw them last night in toronto. sheee was
    FANTASTIC i hope they keep her in the band.

  5. fernando aparicio hernandez says:
  6. Lucien Joppen says:

    Marco, you crazy viking! 4:22

  7. Shaun Bonkowski says:

    Floor is amazing!

  8. Mauro Matoda says:

    Nightwish – Dark Chest Of Wonders (Live at Wacken…:–Qko6yPo

  9. Fernanda Cientofante says:

    2:11 la cara de la mina es genial jajaja

  10. Kim Rongyu says:

    Never thought I would say this, but as a Tarja fan, this is better !!!!!!

  11. José Mena says:


  12. James Tierney says:

    and there forever remains that change from G to Em

  13. Alex Tenoryo says:

    What a lovely poetry! I listen to this song every single day because its
    melody makes me feel so good. Nightwish forever!

  14. Uchiha Angel says:

    y decían que Nightwish con Anette era malo xD con cualquier cantante
    Nightwish es sublime y creadora de obras maestras como esta

  15. Jenna Haanpää says:

    Is that poem written by Tuomas or is it from Song Of Myself by Whitman? :)
    Sorry, I’m dumb.

  16. Sheron Philomen says:

    Nightwish – Song Of Myself (With Lyrics):

  17. leticia ibarra says:

    Nightwish – Song Of Myself (With Lyrics):

  18. Darkenfell Stormfire says:

    The part where they just talk is so sad and beautiful, it’s true how we
    imprison ourselves, we want to care but we don’t dare. I stopped an listen
    to them, captivated, in sorrow and in joy. Well done indeed

  19. kittez51 says:

    Nightwish never ceases to amaze me. There is no doubt in my mind that they
    are the MASTERS of storytelling. That part towards the end speaks to me in
    so many ways like you wouldn’t believe :'(

  20. Anastasia Steele says:

    Nightwish – Song Of Myself (With Lyrics):

  21. ppvtb says:

    “Death is the winner in any war
    Nothing noble in dying for your religion
    For your country
    For ideology, for faith
    For another man, yes”

    That is quite obvious, yet world would be a lot better place if everyone
    understood that.

  22. catmint says:

    Tämä on niin paras..itkee ja nauraa tällä..kuten aina NWn parhaimpien
    kanssa…Yberfani aina <3

  23. NaxxoZL15 says:

    best lyrics ever…

  24. Da Sakwa says:

    Nightwish – Song Of Myself (With Lyrics):

  25. bhagirathsinh gohil says:

    Nightwish – Song Of Myself (With Lyrics):

  26. Mayra Liz says:

    Nightwish – Song Of Myself (With Lyrics):

  27. jansillanpaa41 says:

    Can’t imagine how the next album is going to top this…
    Then again that’s what I thought when I first head Once or Dark Passion
    Imaginaerum is miles ahead of anything they have ever done.
    Nightwish has been running for almost 20 years now and I grew up listening
    to this band.
    So many amazing memories…

    Caress the tales…

  28. Renan Moura says:

    Several musics of this album sound the same. I really like nightwish, but I
    feel a huge lack of creativity in their songs. I just enjoyed Ghost River.

  29. Silent Box says:

    Let me make this clear, once and for all: there is no problem with wearing
    a cross around your neck as a Christian. Judging it as it was done here is

    “Take up your cross and follow me”, it says in the Bible. Wearing it around
    your neck simply symbolizes that one has taken his cross in the name of
    Jesus. And now tell me why that would be a problem.

  30. Weinlock says:

    SO EPIC!!!!!

  31. Michael Oakes says:

    The whole album is amazing, but this song is especially stunning…

  32. Kerri-Ann Carriere says:

    Nightwish – Song Of Myself (With Lyrics):

  33. Alice Louise K says:

    is it troy talking at the end????

  34. Indoiyah Ieyah says:

    Nightwish – Song Of Myself (With Lyrics):

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