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24th Annual James River Film Festival

Some cool Halloween Movie images:

24th Annual James River Film Festival
Halloween Movie

Image by Gamma Man
This year the JRFS had so many wonderful movies by so many wonderfully talented directors. The special guest this year is Guy Maddin who screened many of his own movies.

Little Halloween Seal Pup
Halloween Movie

Image by MrSimonWood
The movie More pics

hey, dummy
Halloween Movie

Image by Flооd
Coming soon to theatres near you: A Doll and Her Girl.

Actually, the scariest horror doll film I’ve ever seen was Magic, with Sir Anthony Hopkins and Ann Margret. It’s about a ventriloquist and his dummy and the havoc they wreak on an old girlfriend and her family. The seriousness with which these huge stars get into this b-film is squimishly great cheese. Totally cringeworthy, I highly recommend. Oh, look: You can watch the whole movie online with subtitles.

Today is day 2 of 33 Days of Halloween: The Haunters and The Haunted. Hooray!

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