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How do they do those “Direct TV” ads, they are so clever!?

Question by David T: How do they do those “Direct TV” ads, they are so clever!?
You know the ones that started with Bill Paxton from the movie “Tornado” the most recent being Sigourney Weaver and “Aliens”

Best answer:

Answer by Just some guy
Once the producers find famous actors/actresses that are willing to be in such a commercial, they create just a bit of a background set to look like what it did in the actual movie… then, they’ll film the actor/actress saying the new lines, and edit those scenes together with actual footage from the movie.

That’s why it’s so convincing, and why it looks like you’re actually watching the movie at first… beause you are. It’s just that the footage is so well-edited into the new dialogue that it’s hard to tell what’s new and what isn’t.

Pay attention next time you watch one of the commercials: only the close-up shots of the person saying their lines to the camera are the new ones.

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Alien Anthology
Alien Sigourney Weaver

Image by Brett Jordan

Ridley Scott casting Wool in 2014
Howey previously said: "I'm sure I was influenced growing up on 'Alien' and I'm sure Ripley [the character played by Sigourney Weaver] was in my mind when I wrote the character of Juliette [one of the main character's in 'Wool']. I'm sure the pacing of …
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Trailer for Ridley Scott’s film starring Sigourney Weaver,Tom Skerritt,Yaphet Kotto,John Hurt,Veronica Cartwright,Harry Dean Stanton,Ian Holm,Bolaji Badejo,H…

Question by Mr A: Sci Fi Movies About Trying to avoid Monsters or Going to different planets?
Does anyone know some shows/movies about People on the run from aliens such as
War of the Worlds

Or where they go to different planets on missions or exploring like

A list of movies and shows like that will get best answer.

Best answer:

Answer by Nunyo
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

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Floor Jansen

Check out these Nightwish images:

Floor Jansen

Image by h1chang
Circo Voador, Rio de Janeiro / Brazil
December 2012


Seniors – Do you remember when these horror films were released?

Question by Sean F: Seniors – Do you remember when these horror films were released?
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
The Blob
House on Haunted Hill
Cape Fear
Carnival of Souls
The Haunting
The Exorcist

Did you see any of them? What did you think of them?

Best answer:

Answer by KatiCar
I am not a senior but I am a big Horror Movie Buff and have seen all of these.

House on Haunted Hill is great, I think that movie is so underrated.
Psycho is AWESOME. :) You haven’t seen horror til you’ve seen it.
The exorcist is of course a classic.
Carnival of souls can be cheesy but I think it’s a pretty creepy idea.

Those are my favorites of the ones you listed :) If I remember right cape fear was pretty good too.

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the pods

Image by tnarik

ANIME NEWS: Horror manga 'Parasyte' gets movie, anime TV adaptation
Get ready for an invasion of body snatchers, both in the theaters and at home. Hitoshi Iwaaki's legendary horror/sci-fi manga series "Parasyte" will be adapted into a two-part live-action film, with an animated TV series also in the pipeline. The first …
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Question by Julia: How to have a sleepover like Massie Block?
Please don’t answer if you don’t know her! Please include in your answer …what the group wear for panjamis,how she set it up,what games they play,etc!

Best answer:

Answer by Juicy
1 Set a specific date, time, and place for your sleepover. Massie has sleepovers every Friday night. You can have them on any day you want. Only invite your clique. Keep your limit on guests to 3 or 4. More than that could cause too much drama. Though the sleepover should be exclusive, a lot of people should know about it.

Hold your sleepover in a large area where you usually hang out with your friends. This could be your bedroom, entertainment room, or basement. Let the room feel like a getaway. Put vanilla scented candles in safe places around the room to set the mood. Parents might not want you to have candles, so if that sounds too dangerous, simply spray Vanilla scented room spray or perfume before the guests arrive. Don’t overdo it though – you don’t want the guests to choke! Lavender sheet spray is also provided for the sleeping bags at Massie’s sleepovers. If you have enough money you can buy each guest a nail polish or something and put it on their sleeping bag. To give a five star feel, put chocolates or Andes mint chocolates on the pillows. Also, have the lights dimmed a little bit if you have a dimmer switch in your room. Bring your pet if she’ll stay – don’t force her! (that’s obnoxious x10). Make sure none of your friends are allergic. Tell your family members to try to keep from coming in your room and interrupting your sleepover.

Set up the sleeping bags in a cool arrangement, preferably a “flower” pattern, with your heads in the middle. This allows easy snacking, and more importantly, gossiping! Also, everyone is surrounded by friends and no one is on the edge.
Make the bathroom fresh. Put lit scented candles (if it’s ok with your parents) in the bathroom, put a new roll of toilet paper on the holder, make sure the soap container is full, and keep fresh towels in the bathroom. Only put shampoo, conditioner, and body wash that you want the guests to use in the shower/tub. Avoid confusion by not making guests feel overloaded by tons of old, raunchy containers of shampoo. Also, give the bathroom a spritz of room spray to match the candles’ scent. Make sure that you’re close to the bathroom so it allows easy bathroom breaks and no rushing.

If you want, think of a cool theme or activity for each sleepover. Some examples are camping (like in book 5, “The Pretty Committee Strikes Back,” Massie has a camping themed sleepover complete with fresh pine scented room spray, a fake plastic campfire, glow-in-the-dark stars hanging from the ceiling, a CD player playing fake cricket noises, and dimmed lights). Plan some ideas for fun, such as: Would You Rather?, Wear or Dare, Truth or Dare, Twister, etc. Add any fun games that you can think of that match your sleepovers theme. Play popular music all night long (you can make a playlist before the sleepover). Keep recent magazines handy.

The PC is known for their great fashion sense. Why not have a fashion show? If you want to spend some extra time with your clique, go shopping with them and try on different outfits for the fashion show. Or, have your clique bring clothes that they don’t want, and spice them up for a fun craft. Walk on the “runway” and take plenty of pictures. Try bring clothes that are cute, but don’t work on you. You and your friends can trade them.

7. If you have a desktop and/or laptop (like Massie), take both funny and cute pictures.

8. No movies allowed! Massie specifically said in “Invasion of the Boy Snatchers” that DVDs are off limits at her sleepovers. ou can watch movies on nights when you are alone.

9. Have ah-mazing food. Have a snack bowl for each guest full of their favorites. Usually, Massie serves sparkling cider. Always have a second drink choice (like soda) for picky guests. Make sure you have healthy snacks AND junk food.

10.Try not to fall asleep first. You will seem boring and just not fun! That way you won’t miss out on any gossip or pranks!

11.make sure that there is a nice breakfast for your friends such as pancakes, bagels, fruit salad, etc. . You can make most of these before the sleepover – just leave them in the fridge overnight.

12.As each of the girls leave, give them a cute party favor, like a tube of lip gloss, a key chain with a picture of you and her in it, chocolates.

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Q&A: What’s The Best Nightwish Song In Your Opinion?

Nightwish en Chile

Image by Little Phoenix ♥
Nightwish Live @ Teatro Caupolican
Santiago Chile

Question by : What’s The Best Nightwish Song In Your Opinion?
And if you haven’t heard of Nightwish, then you really don’t have to let me know…

Best answer:

Answer by silver_boy932
walking in the air

sleeping sun

dead boys poem

phantom of opera


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How hot was Jamie Lee Curtis in her day?

Question by Brandon 420: How hot was Jamie Lee Curtis in her day?
What would you rate her from 1 – 10?

BQ: Do you know how old she was when she starred in the first Halloween movie?

Best answer:

Answer by Calm Like A Bomb
Her body was smokin!

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Halloween (1978)
Halloween Jamie Lee Curtis

Image by On Location in Los Angeles
From the original Halloween movie (1978) with Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, this the hardware store that was burglarized by Myers. It is located in Pasadena.
Check out my Screen Shots album for another view of this location.

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Question by Eryn: What are your Top 5 favorite Halloween movies?
Rank ‘em for me. Let me know which Halloween flicks you love to watch every year – that October is incomplete without.

Happy Halloween!

Best answer:

Answer by quintic
1) It’s gotta be The Nightmare Before Christmas. I watch it every Halloween as I hand out candy. I love the music…I sing it every year from October through December. I love the humor. It’s just so much fun!

2) It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Who can pass up this classic tale of persistence of belief? That reminds me, I have to start looking for it on TV…

3) Warlock. Okay, it’s not specifically Halloween-themed, but it’s my favorite horror movie, and Halloween and horror seem to go hand in hand. Julian Sands, flying across the countryside while that annoying girl from Footloose ages at a shocking rate. Could this movie be any better? I don’t know how!

4) The Addams Family. Every day is Halloween with the Addams Family. Okay, fine, I have this weird thing for Christina Ricci…I love everything she’s done.

5) A Nightmare on Elm Street. Okay, fine, this one isn’t specifically Halloween related, either. But Johnny Depp’s in it. And it’s super. I’m keeping it on my list, so there!

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Q&A: If a woman is pregnant and gets bitten by a zombie, what happens to the baby?

Question by Breezer: If a woman is pregnant and gets bitten by a zombie, what happens to the baby?
Does it die or does it turn into a baby zombie? It’s just a random Zombie Theory question inspired by watching “Dawn of the Dead.”

Best answer:

Answer by Ava
simple the baby turns into a zombie the woman has the baby in the baby is dead without a heart beat then it has craving for brains in flesh,

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Dawn of the Dead

Image by ladybugbkt
2008 Tressler Family Pumpkins
carved by Brandi

Dawn of the Dead – Cast Reunion Q&A – Flashback Weekend – 08/10/13 Chicago, Illinois Ken Foree David Emge Scott H. Reiniger Gaylen Ross.

Question by Burger: Which horror movie should I get?
I wanna buy a movie but stuck between “Dawn of the Dead” OR “Paranormal Activity”. I’ve seen Dawn of the Dead but not the entire movie all at once and I have never seen Paranormal Activity although people say its scary. Anyone help me on this?
Also Paranormal Activity 2 seems scary but do I need to see the first one for a storyline? Of these three of course which one i should buy?

Best answer:

Answer by Angel
one of those excorcist movies

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Amaranth – Nightwish Expert All Instruments RB3 DLC

Pretty disappointing week imo.

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What is the name of the science fiction horror movie where an alien chases Sigourney Weaver?

Question by Professor Auguste Balls: What is the name of the science fiction horror movie where an alien chases Sigourney Weaver?

Best answer:

Answer by sleepwalker2482452
Sigourney Weaver is chased by aliens in the following movies:
Galaxy Quest (1999)
Alien (1979)
Aliens (1986)
Alien 3 (1992)
Alien: Resurrection (1997)
Ghostbusters (1984) – It could be argued that Zuul, Vinz Clortho, & Gozer were all aliens from another demention as opposed to ghosts and Zuul was after Sigourney Weaver’s character.

As your question mentions “science fiction horror”, only the Alien series of movies fall into that category. Ghostbusters and Galaxy Quest are more comedic than horror.

Therefore the answer to your question is any of the Alien movies, Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, or Alien: Resurrection.

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Alien Anthology
Alien Sigourney Weaver

Image by Brett Jordan

1-Star Movie Reviews: Alien
… ship, are returning to Earth when they are awakened by the ship to investigate a mysterious transmission. Giant dead aliens are encountered, John Hurt has a very close encounter with a face hugger and no one but Sigourney Weaver and her cat survives.
Read more on io9

In this installment, the HISHE crew gives not one, but two (that’s right, TWO) takes on the classic Sci-Fi franchise in How Aliens Should Have Ended. Check o…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Question by MichaelVanGaal: Do you like the Alien or Predator movie series better?
Just a random question. I was watching the Alien movies and had seen the predator movies a while ago. I’ve also seen all the AVP movies and was just wondering which movie series more people prefer.

My vote goes to the Alien movies.
The original Alien movie is BY FAR the best!

Best answer:

Answer by Debbie Hoggins
Alien – but I did like Alien vs. Predator

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Some cool Nightwish images:


Image by Fran_lml


Image by Fran_lml
tuomas tiene cara de putazo D: (?) "con ésta foto mato a toas las shiquillas ;3"



Image by Fran_lml


Q&A: in what ways is the society in F451 different than ours?

Question by haleigh f: in what ways is the society in F451 different than ours?
in what ways is the society in F451 different than ours? Im trying to read the book online and its not as easy as reading it from a book. I cant find really any differences besides the firemen setting fires to burn books. I can only find similarities.

Best answer:

Answer by araktsu
What do you mean by “ours”?

Whatever your answer, the only real difference is that “Farenheit 451″ is an imaginary world invented by Ray Bradbury to sell books. It has absolutely no significance to the real world. The real world is what it is no matter what stories he or anyone else makes up. The real world has a real history which is far more relevant than so-called science fiction.

By the way, preceding the word “fiction” with the word “science” neither makes it science nor changes it from fantasy to reality. It is just stuff people make up to sell to anyone who will pay.

Ray Bradbury has been successful marketing his product, but that does not mean his writing added any insight to our understanding of reality. It is entertainment, sometimes with egotistical snob appeal added (“only really smart people truly understand the book”).

L. Ron Hubbard used to write science fiction, too, and eventually found more money in promoting Dianetics (now called Scientology). In both cases people latched on to the hyperbole of self-promotion and commercial promotion of a product. But what came of it?

In the real world “The Martian Chronicles”, “Something Wicked This Way Comes” and other Ray Bradbury texts have absolutely no more relevance than stuff written by L. Ron Hubbard, which is just absolute fantasy to misguide the already misguided and separate them from their money.

Would you think some film like “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” or “The Incredible Shrinking Man” somehow made the world a better place? Ray Bradbury’s business is the same from which those films came. Rod Serling of “The Twilight Zone” could be added, as well as other others who cashed in on the genre. But when compared to reality, it is all meaningless fantasy, a waste of neurons for the reader.

Meanwhile malaria continues to kill a million people a year, mostly children; AIDS is epidemic and also killing millions; A 1400 year-old mind-control cult, Islam, is still rampant and attempting to dominate the world through violence and terror just as it always has; There are still enough nuclear weapons to cause the quickest mass extinction event in history, including human life; and so on.

Diversions such as F451 just keep people’s minds off the problems we face rather than focusing on real history and insight into the way the physical world works, which are the only tools we have to enable us to resolve and manage the challenges of this world.

If you want to compare societies, begin with college texts on general sociology and the history of civilizations. You may also benefit from introductory texts on social psychology.

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no one pays attention

Image by tnarik
this usually happens: you know something, you want to tell it to the people, so they know, but no one pays any attention.

5 Of The Best… Horror Remakes
Don Siegel's 1956 classic Invasion of the Body Snatchers still remains one of the most significant and influential science fiction films of all time. Heralded as an allegory of the reverberant paranoia and deep-set suspicion of America's anti-Communist …
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Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1/12) Movie CLIP - They're Coming! (1978) HD

Invasion of the Body Snatchers Movie Clip – watch all clips click to subscribe Matthew (Donald Sutherland) and Elizabe…

Question by Plagues!: What movie do people take other’s life and appearance?
I remember seeing it when I was younger and in it there where these cocoon looking things or something like that, that when people slept it would steal their life-force by attaching tentacle like things to them and then appear like a clone of their victim. I remember that most of the town had been evily cloned like that and there was a main blonde girl I think who was almost a victim but woke up.

Best answer:

Answer by A Nail-Gun Is Not A Pillow
That would be “Invasion Of The Body Snatchers”…There are a few versions, don’t know which one you saw, but I thought two of the remakes were actually pretty good. The Donald Sutherland one and the one with Meg Tilly. (or was it Jennifer?)… There;s also “The Invasion” with Nicole Kidman. For some strange reason, I never have seen that one!

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